Friday, 21 December 2007

Dudes My Mum Fancies

Here's the latest list in no particular order of importance(it changes, I may have to make this a regular feature).

This year's X-Factor winner (for you Americans, its like American Idol but there is no age ban, of course Leon here is but 18.)
Leon was this year's underdog up against classically trained Welsh Rydhian who my mother thought looked like a Nazi. Leon is Scottish complete with thick cut brogue and sad single mum sob story. He's got a velvety Sinatra like voice and is about 5ft 2. My mother says:

"He's like a little toy. I want to dress him and then make him sing."

Have I got New For You's Paul Merton has been a favorite for a while.
Mad respeck moms for diggin' the smart funny dude with the double chin. Merton's clever quips and lightening retorts send my mother into a hand clapping frenzy.
My mother says:
"I want to go to dinner with him and then maybe have a cuddle."

Last but not least is hipster comedian and ex heroine sex addict Russel Brand. My mother was won over by his performance at the Royal Variety Show and his blatant piss taking of the Queen who was sitting up in the balcony with Phillip and her tiara.

My mother says:
"He's so cheecky. And he has beautiful beautiful features, a perfect mouth, nose and mouth...but I think he's gay." (Americans, this is funny because he's not.)

That's it for now.

Happy Holidays!

Your fan,